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Printed: 09 August 2020 6:53 AM

AFM Premium Content Subscription

Australian Fund Monitors provides the most comprehensive source of  information on Absolute Return, Hedge Funds and Alternative Investments in Australia.

With three tiers of Membership to choose from you decide on the depth of information required.





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Professional Investor/Advisor

Fund Selector      
Names of available funds Yes Yes Yes
Performance & Risk Data No Yes Yes
Investment Terms No Yes Yes
Key Facts No Yes Yes
Research & Availability No No Yes

Fund Profiles Yes Yes Yes
Manager Overview Yes Yes Yes
Fund/Strategy Overview Yes Yes Yes
Key Facts Yes Yes Yes
Investment Terms No Yes Yes
Fund Structure No Yes Yes
Fund Fees No Yes Yes
Performance & Risk Data No Yes Yes
Offer Documents (PDS/IM) No Yes Yes
Performance Reports No Yes Yes
Advanced Analytics No No Yes

Portfolios Yes Yes Yes
Number of portfolios 1 portfolio 1 portfolio 10 portfolios
Max funds per portfolio 3 Funds 10 Funds 15 Funds
Portfolio Analytics Limited Access Limited Access Full Access

Risk & Return Ranking Report No Yes Yes

Compare Funds No Yes Yes

Watch List No Yes Yes
Number of Funds No 10 Funds Unlimited Funds

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Just Looking or want to know more? Register as a Basic user to get a taste of the comparison information available.

You will be able to view all funds with access to limited information, as well as try out some of the in depth functionality.

Daily updates of selected fund's performance and commentary.


Lite subscribers have access to ALL Fund Profiles, with details on the Manager, Fund Strategy, Terms, Conditions, Risk Metrics, Charting and Historical monthly performance since inception, Manager's monthly performance reports and downloadable offer documents.

Lite subscribers can Compare Funds and create a Watch List of favourites, or create a model portfolio of up to 10 funds to show both individual and total performance and risk metrics, correlations and exposures.

For Financial Advisors and those investors requiring additional functionality, the Premium subscription gives you access to all funds and functionality, platform availability, research and ratings coverage.

You can also create multiple watch lists, and up to 10 Portfolios of 15 funds each with full advanced analytics.