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Printed: 12 July 2024 11:51 PM

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Analyse Index and Sector Data's Index Tables and Graphs enable you to review the performance of the sector as a whole, by fund types, by strategy, or by geographic mandate, and over various time frames.

By clicking on an individual index name in the tables, Subscribers can view results for each fund in that strategy or group. Underlying manager selection for an index is not dependent on track record or size of funds, and index results are not weighted by fund size.  Please note that the indices include performance of funds which may no longer be open or even operational, and therefore do NOT appear in the fund tables. This ensures that the performance of each index does not suffer from "survivorship bias".

Data in the tables can be sorted by clicking on triangles at the top of each column.  The charts and graphs below the tables can be adjusted to vary the time frame, changed to show cumulative performance, or to compare with the ASX 200.

To search for specific managers or funds, or to filter funds by strategy, size or other parameters, use the Fund Selector or click here

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