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Premium Subscription

Designed for Professional Investors, Financial Advisors and Fund Managers

In addition to Peer Group comparisons and the Fund Selector, our Premium Subscription provides full access to every fund's in-depth data, charting, research and platform availability, advanced analytics and comparison tools.

Create and compare multiple fund portfolios including correlation tables, and share these securely with your colleagues and clients. Add Custom Reports to benchmark specific funds against your chosen selection criteria, KPI's and time periods.

Premium Features:

  • Free access to industry information
  • $1,348 per year, or
  • $120 per month, cancel anytime
  • Fact sheets on every fund
  • Performance summaries
  • Charting & analytics
  • Full quantitative fund profiles
  • Compare analytics fund vs. fund
  • Peer group comparison
  • Create watch lists
  • Create and compare portfolios
  • Build custom reports
  • Invest directly online with Olivia 123


  • 20 Portfolio (20 funds each)
  • Performance Analytics.
  • 10 Watch list (50 funds)
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