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30 Apr 2024 - Australian Secure Capital Fund - Market Update

By: Australian Secure Capital Fund

Australian Secure Capital Fund - Market Update

Australian Secure Capital Fund

April 2024

Property values continue to increase across the majority of the country, with CoreLogic's National Home Value Index recording a further 0.6% increase in March, on par with what was achieved in February, resulting in 14 months of continuous monthly growth. Perth continued to be the strongest performer, increasing by a mammoth 1.9% for the month, followed closely by Adelaide with 1.4% and Brisbane with 1.1%. Signs of cooling have begun in Canberra, Sydney and Hobart, with 0.4%, 0.3% and 0.2% growth respectively. Melbourne achieved parity for the month, whilst Darwin is the only capital to experience a loss, falling by 0.2%. This monthly data contributes to a 1.6% national increase for the quarter, with all capital cities experiencing some level of quarterly growth except for Melbourne, where a 0.2% reduction has occurred.

As we wait for the next RBA meeting, scheduled for the 7th of May, there are growing calls by economists for a rate reduction to occur, driven by the continued slowing of GDP growth and falling inflation. Whether or not a reduction is made in May, it appears all but certain that throughout 2024 there will be reductions, which will likely result in a further bump to property prices in the coming months.

Clearance Rates & Auctions week of 2nd of April 2024


Property Values as at 31st of March 2024


Median Dwelling Values as at 31st of March 2024

Quick Insights

Steadfast Forecast

Oxford Economics Australia, a leading economic institute has forecasted median property to grow to almost $2 million in Sydney alone within the next 3 years.

"You have a fundamentally undersupplied market and with net overseas migration running at half a million people, a growing participation by foreign buyers, downsizers and cash buyers, demand has outweighed that drag that interest rates would typically have.", said Maree Kilroy, Oxford Economics senior economist.

Source: Australian Financial Review

Affordability is the Trend

The medium-high end of the Sydney housing market may have finally reached a peak that lower end buyers cannot afford as a flood of homebuyers move into previously affordable suburbs driving prices up.

The lower end market has grown 5 times as fast as the higher end in past 6 months, and is likely to continue as more people seek to delay the effect of the housing crisis in their lives.

Source: Australian Financial Review

Author: Filippo Sciacca, Director - Investor Relations, Asset Management and Compliance

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