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31 Oct 2023 - The growth thematics immune to economic volatility

By: 4D Infrastructure

The growth thematics immune to economic volatility

4D Infrastructure

October 2023

Global Portfolio Manager and CEO, Sarah Shaw, speaks with Bennelong Account Director, David Whitby, about the long-term growth opportunities for infrastructure despite the current economic and geopolitical environment. 


"The growth opportunity is still largely underappreciated. We see five key growth dynamics within the infrastructure space that are ... completely immune to the short-term economic events. So while we do have a great deal of volatility in the market at the moment, and a great deal of geopolitical and economic uncertainty, these growth thematics underpin the infrastructure investment case and are going nowhere, regardless of what happens in the short term."

  • 0:43 - Infrastructure's growth opportunities beyond the short-term volatility
  • 3:45 - How technology and AI are shaping the infrastructure sector 
  • 7:00 - 4D's approach to dealing with policy and regulation 
  • 9:37 - Capturing and mitigating investment risk in the current economic landscape

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