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25 Aug 2023 - Touchstone podcast: The state of consumer spending

By: Touchstone Asset Management

Touchstone podcast: The state of consumer spending

Touchstone Asset Management

August 2023

"In Australia, consumer spending, historically, has been about 50% of GDP. This year it's been closer to 80% of GDP growth. There seems to be a view that, well, the RBA's ... more or less done what it's gonna do. I think what the market's missing, though, is there's a huge lag from when the RBA increases rates to when households actually have to pay the higher interest rates."

  • 1:03 - Touchstone's philosophy and investment process
  • 2:37 - Ron's observations from his recent Melbourne trip
  • 4:23 - What secular stagnation is, and why it matters
  • 6:16 - The real reason consumer spending is going down
  • 8:31 - The impact of earnings being too high for consumer companies
  • 11:33 - What Touchstone expects from┬áreporting season

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