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9 Jun 2023 - Quay podcast: The surprising trends emerging in real estate

By: Quay Global Investors

Quay podcast: The surprising trends emerging in real estate

Quay Global Investors

May 2023

Chris Bedingfield speaks with Bennelong Account Director, Mai Platts, about the latest results from reporting season, Quay's current portfolio positioning, the opportunities in residential and self-storage, and the ongoing impact of inflation and bank failures.

"Interestingly, based on the latest set of results, and remember the banking crisis started to occur in March, our companies by and large were still able to access the debt markets, and they've still been able to access credit through their banking relationships. We haven't seen any real major disruption yet in terms of what our companies are able to do."

  • 0:36 - March madness - the rate height cycle, the big news on banks, and the outcome of reporting season
  • 4:49 - The buyer versus seller strike, and the future of house prices in Australia
  • 8:11 - Chris's new acronym, FORA
  • 12:08 - Why we're not entering another global financial crisis

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