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15 May 2023 - Webinar Recording 09 May 2023 | The Future for Small Caps


Webinar Recording | The Future for Small Caps

09 May 2023

Small cap stocks, both locally and globally, have under-performed large cap stocks in the past 12 months, as shown by the average performance of Australian small cap equity funds of -11.63%. However, their performance over the past 3 years was +17.42%, indicating the highly cyclical nature of the sector. 

Performance over the past six months has improved, leading many to wonder if markets have been over-sold and are now poised for recovery, or with the threat of prolonged inflation and the potential for a global recession, that small caps may be in for further pain. 

Watch the webinar recording for we asked a panel of three Small Cap Managers' opinions on the opportunities and the threats for the sector.

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