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12 Oct 2022 - Which companies are posting strong and growing results?

By: Insync Fund Managers

Which companies are posting strong and growing results?

Insync Fund Managers

September 2022

Well, we said things would be positive but volatile for a while yet and we weren't wrong.

In this article, we provide examples of companies that we hold which are posting strong and growing results. Yet, their stock prices are slightly down as the world frets about big-picture issues that most of our companies aren't all that impacted by. The 'Lipstick Effect' is just one way they remain resilient, and we look at two holdings doing well from this.

Our funds remain ahead of their stated 5-year objectives after fees, even with present shorter-term lows and volatility. The key to this is understanding how earnings eventually are reflected in stock prices and which companies do this well. Patience rewards.  

It was another volatile month for stock prices as markets focus more on the macroeconomic landscape. This sees most stocks being treated the same, no matter their specific financial circumstances. As markets are presently concerned with short term interest rate hikes, even quality companies posting great results (despite inflation and interest rate settings) are tarred with the same brush as those that are impacted.

This is nothing out of the ordinary for this stage of the cycle. Whilst inflation has peaked and gradually heads down, markets are now trying to anticipate what impact higher interest rates will have on the global economy and corporate earnings. The benefit of investing in highly profitable companies with long runways of growth backed up by megatrends, comes the higher confidence around their longer-term earnings growth rates, irrespective of macroeconomic conditions! Whilst an economic slowdown may temporarily reduce the growth trajectories of high-quality compounders, their long-term growth rates tend to be more assured.

Insync Megatrend Exposures 2022 August

The temptation to time being in or out right now is high, as is the cost. Bank of America found that investor returns in the S&P 500 would stand at just 28% today had they missed just the 10 best days of each 3,650 day decade since the 1930s - a dismal result. It's a whopping 17,715% had they held steady. Market gyrations are not insync with news cycles or with logic. This is why timing is risky. Buffet's metaphor stands... "In the short run, the market is a voting machine but in the long run, it is a weighing machine." Our funds are for long term investors, and this is why it's important to reflect on this.

Companies can do well - even now

Market sell-downs in periods of volatility often provide the best opportunities to invest for the long term.

Back during the GFC (March 09') Home Depot was trading at $13 per share and Microsoft was trading at $12. Recently Home Depot was at $276 & Microsoft at $245.

There was plenty of bad macroeconomic news over this period to dissuade being invested too. A US debt ceiling crisis in 2011, European debt crisis in 2012, Greek default crisis in 2015, collapse in China' stock market in 2016, Covid-19 crisis in get the picture.

Home Depot also paid 10% p.a. compounding dividend (they expect to pay a $7.60 dividend in 2022). This means you are receiving well over HALF your original purchase price back in 2009 in dividends from just this year! Patience rewards. 

We remain confident in the strength and durability of earnings growth in the Insync portfolio companies and see

temporary price falls as ideal buying opportunities.

Two further examples of highly profitable companies in the portfolio are Lululemon and Ulta Beauty, both benefitting from the Lipstick Effect.

In their recent quarterly earnings updates Lululemon reported a 29% revenue increase and a 30% increase in EPS. Ulta Beauty reported a 17% increase in revenues and a 25% increase in EPS (earnings per share).

When investors keep focused on the growing earnings power of quality companies, they find their stock prices grow eventually as well. This is especially true for the investor time periods the fund is designed for.

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