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30 Sep 2022 - Times like these - investing in sustainable growth companies makes sense

By: Insync Fund Managers

Times like these -

investing in sustainable growth companies  makes sense

Insync Fund Managers

August 2022

For the best part of 10 years, we've enjoyed the tranquil waters of low and stable inflation and even lower interest rates. That's all changing.

As we have just experienced with the rather dramatic swing with hikes in energy prices, interest rates and a temporary spike in inflation, those days are over. Yet mostly economies and jobs are fine. The world continues to turn.

Many companies will struggle in this new world, however there is a small group who will thrive. And they have one thing in common: sustainable compounding earnings growth. It's never been more important for investors.

We anticipate markets are already shifting focus after a recent wild swing backwards impacting all, deserved or not, to the prospect of Goldilocks economic conditions (not too hot nor too cold).

The evolving economic backdrop is accelerating the business performances of the type of stocks that we hold at Insync; specific companies backed by our megatrends. Whether it's demographic shifts, digitisation or even pet humanisation; its megatrends like these providing the tailwinds for their growth, irrespective of the economy. And, it's why we remain fully invested despite market swings and the often touted fears by commentators.

Investing in the highest quality stocks benefitting from megatrends delivers strong earnings growth over a full economic cycle. This is because of the duration of the megatrends being far longer than mere themes. Recent portfolio examples include Home Depot (see below) and Walt Disney (whom recently increased ticket prices by 7% with zero impact on demand). Our holdings possess high gross margins and strong pricing power, providing strength in both high and more normalised inflation environments. Our portfolio is well positioned as a result for continued delivery of the 5 year aim of both funds, as stock prices over the longer term follow consistent earnings growth.

Home Depot (a supersized bunnings) benefits from the 'Household Formation' Megatrend, fuelled by the all-important 'Demographics' Super Driver. Understanding changing demographics across all ages and segments globally is very important in identifying the winning companies of the future. One example is the escalation in the 47 year old age cohort in the United States over the next 8 years (see graph below).

The acceleration in the age 47 cohort coincides with the median average age of all home buyers, pushing up construction demand. Additionally a housing supply deficit in the US as high as 3.8m homes exists. On the renovation front, seniors are increasingly reluctant to move into aged care centres, and the increased 'working from home' trend further fuels demand. These are long duration strong tailwinds. Short term interest rate rises, and other macro factors are unlikely to alter this powerful megatrend.

Home Depot is a big winner of all this. Think of it as a massive Bunnings network with almost 2,000 stores! They serve both trade and DIY markets, dominating the US building supply industry and run by a highly competent management team. Despite rising interest rates their recent strong results are testament to both the strength of the company and the power of the megatrend. Home Depot delivers very high returns on invested capital with an expected 10-15% p.a. compound annual earnings growth in the years ahead.

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