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13 Jul 2022 - Meta & the battle for digital advertising supremacy

By: Antipodes Partners Limited

Meta & the battle for digital advertising supremacy

Antipodes Partners Limited

June 2022

Antipodes has owned Meta (previously Facebook) since the end of 2018 and despite the recent volatility in which many sold out of the company, it remains one of our top 20 holdings. 

We think that even though competition for eyeballs is increasing, and will continue to increase, the digital advertising pie is growing, and Meta can continue to dominate advertising revenue over our investment horizon. Further we believe there are opportunities to increase the monetisation rate of core Facebook and Instagram.  

In this new podcast episode, Alison Savas is joined by Ben Legg, one of the world's leading authorities on the digital advertising industry. Ben is a former Google COO, and now helps global brands advertise on social networks.  

Some key points covered include:

  • Overview of how online advertise works today (04:00)
  • The digital advertising landscape and why digital advertising as a percentage of GDP is likely to grow (07:30)
  • The rise of Tik Tok (10:50)
  • Meta's advertising technology and why it's seen as being superior to competitors (12:00)
  • How Meta is moving to maintain user engagement (21:10) 
  • Can Instagram become the world's biggest fashion retailer? (28.30)

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