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12 Jul 2022 - Australian Secure Capital Fund - Market Update

By: Australian Secure Capital Fund

Australian Secure Capital Fund - Market Update

Australian Secure Capital Fund

June 2022

Aggregated property values across the country on a monthly basis have slowed marginally, (-0.80%). The highest performer this month was Adelaide (+1.30%), followed closely by Perth (+0.40%).

Australia's property price increases experienced over the last 18 months are now well and truly past their peak rate of growth.

Interestingly however unit prices are holding their value better than houses across capital cities with regional property still remaining in positive growth.

The market is quickly becoming a buyers market with aggregate home sales nationally through the June quarter now 15.9% lower than a year ago.

However, with housing conditions cooling, the flow of new listings to the market is slowing which along with a strong labour market should help support prices

Rental markets around the country also remain extremely tight with rents and residential property yields now rising at a faster rate than housing values also providing a buffer for property investors. Ultimately however it will be interest rates which will have the largest impact on the path of housing markets.

Source: CoreLogic

The weighted average clearance rate across the country is lower than last year at 59.8% compared to 2021's 75.4% clearance rate (-15.60%)

Other cities across the board also achieved rates marginally lower than last year, with the exception of Brisbane. 

Brisbane increased by +5.90% compared to the previous year, with Canberra being dropping in comparison (-29.70%)

Source: CoreLogic

Source: CoreLogic

Quick Insights

Lowered Rates & Politicised Policy

A new study by the Melbourne Institute has revealed that government support programs contributed very little to the health of the housing market during the pandemic. Instead, it was the RBAs low cash rate that boosted the purchases. Buyers took advantage of relatively low servicing costs and interest rates. Housing programs typically assisted only the few who applied early.

The War Room

Tony Lombardo, CEO of Lendlease; Janice Lee, PwC Australia Partner; Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz, CEO of Mirvac; and Tarun Gupta, CEO of Stockland, some of the nation's most senior property leaders came together earlier this month to discuss the ongoing housing crisis. The conclusion drawn in the Channel Nine boardroom was that government policies stimulating demand can only do so much. Ultimately, it is the lack of investment in property infrastructure and overly tight zoning policies that continue to stoke unaffordability.

Sydney's Stamp Duties

The NSW Coalition Government announced this month its new revisions to the stamp duty. The system would allow home buyers to opt-out of paying stamp duty in favour of a $400 and 0.3% annual land tax. Some were quick to note how this might increase housing prices as the money usually spent on stamp duty would instead go into an auction bid. However, as lenders take the cost of annual tax into their loan serviceability criteria, the impact of this legislation may become negligible.

Source: Australian Financial Review 

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