Yarra Australian Equities Fund

Performance Summary as at March 2024

The Yarra Australian Equities Fund has a track record of 27 years and 8 months and has outperformed the ASX 200 Total Return benchmark since inception in August 1996, providing investors with an annualised return of 9.63% compared with the benchmark's return of 9.16% over the same period.

On a calendar year basis, the fund has experienced a negative annual return on 5 occasions in the 27 years and 8 months since its inception. Over the past 12 months, the fund's largest drawdown was -9.66% vs the index's -7.19%, and since inception in August 1996 the fund's largest drawdown was -37.35% vs the index's maximum drawdown over the same period of -47.19%. The fund's maximum drawdown began in November 2007 and lasted 5 years and 2 months, reaching its lowest point during February 2009. The fund had completely recovered its losses by January 2013.

The Manager has delivered these returns with 0.59% more volatility than the benchmark, contributing to a Sharpe ratio which has fallen below 1 four times over the past five years and which currently sits at 0.47 since inception. The fund has provided positive monthly returns 96% of the time in rising markets and 9% of the time during periods of market decline, contributing to an up-capture ratio since inception of 107% and a down-capture ratio of 100%.

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Yarra Australian Equities Fund - Cumulative Performance vs ASX 200 Total Return


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Fund Index

Quintile Ranking vs. Equity Long - Large Cap - Australia as at March 2024

The performance of the Yarra Australian Equities Fund ranked it in the second quintile for Total Return, Sharpe and Sortino over 3 years.

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Yarra Australian Equities Fund
ASX200 Total Return
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