Cyan C3G Fund


Manager Summary

Cyan Investment Management Pty Ltd (Cyan) is a Melbourne based boutique funds management business established in 2013. The portfolio managers, who are also the major shareholders and directors of Cyan, are Graeme Carson and Dean Fergie, who combined have over 50 years' experience in the financial services industry.

Strategy Summary

The Cyan C3G Fund is as a wholesale unregistered managed investment scheme operating under a unit trust structure. The Fund primarily invests in ASX listed companies outside the ASX 100 and typically holds between 20 - 40 stocks. The Fund is based on an investment philosophy which can be defined as having "a comprehensive, clear and considered process, focused on delivering growth". These are identified through stringent filter criteria, and a rigorous research process.

Key Terms

Status: Open Inception Date: Jul 2014
Strategy: Equity Long Style: Blend
Geography: Australia Domicile: Australia
Investors: Wholesale Min. Investment: AU$ 100,000
Distributions: Annually Liquidity: Monthly
Fund Size: AU$ 25m Management Fee: 1.50%
Manager FUM: AU$ 35m Performance Fee: 20.00%

Key Statistics

Fund Index* Fund Index*
Aug 2022: -4.82% 0.58% Sharpe1: 0.41 0.39
1 Year: -36.19% -14.68% Sortino1: 0.44 0.42
3 Years2: -10.71% 4.09% Best Month: 12.21% 14.27%
5 Years2: -2.81% 6.85% Worst Month: -20.69% -22.38%
Inception2: 7.34% 6.64% Volatility1,2: 18.68% 17.37%
Up-Capture1: 60% N/A Down-Capture1: 81% N/A
*ASX Small Ordinaries Total Return Index,   1Since Jul 2014,   2Annualised

Cumulative Returns
Fund Index

Cyan C3G Fund - Cumulative Performance vs ASX Small Ordinaries Total Return Index


Fund Index


Fund Index

Quintile Ranking vs. Equity Long - Small/Mid Cap - Australia Peer Group (87 funds) as at August 2022

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Cyan C3G Fund
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