Rixon Income Fund


Manager Summary

Headquartered in Sydney, Rixon Capital was launched in 2022 by senior investment bankers and fund managers with experience in secured, high yield private credit and complex corporate advisory engagements. The manager is focused on capital preservations as a priority and delivers its investors a monthly income stream.

Strategy Summary

An asset-backed income-only strategy, the Rixon Income Fund is focused on lending to the underbanked $2-10m SME private credit niche. By offering an institutional non-dilutionary offering, the fund is able to extract tangible security (e.g. equipment, receivables) and a gross cash yield in excess of 13% p.a.

The fund has provided investors with an annualised cash return of 12.75% compared with its benchmark of 8.35% over the same time period.

The fund has not yet experienced any negative returns, and has consistently delivered monthly cash distributions of 0.80% - 1.80% per month, in line with its Target Return of 10.0% - 12.0% p.a.

Key Terms

Status: Open Inception Date: Nov 2022
Strategy: Credit Style: N/A
Geography: Australia/NZ Domicile: Australia
Investors: Wholesale Min. Investment: AU$ 50,000
Distributions: Monthly Applications: Monthly
Fund Size: AU$ 29.5m Management Fee: 1.50%
Manager FUM: AU$ 29.5m Performance Fee: 20.00%

Key Statistics

Fund Index* Fund Index*
Mar 2024: 0.94% 0.75% Sharpe1: 9.78 N/A
1 Year: 12.15% 9.14% Sortino1: N/A N/A
3 Years1,2: N/A N/A Best Month1: 1.79% 0.75%
5 Years1,2: N/A N/A Worst Month1: 0.80% 0.63%
Inception1,2: 12.37% 8.86% Volatility1,2: 0.76% 0.13%
Up-Capture1: 141% N/A Down-Capture1: 0% N/A
*RBA Cash Rate + 5%,   1Since Nov 2022,   2Annualised

Cumulative Returns
Fund Index

Rixon Income Fund - Cumulative Performance vs RBA Cash Rate + 5%


Fund Index


Fund Index

Quintile Ranking vs. Fixed Income - Debt Peer Group (48 funds) as at March 2024

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Rixon Income Fund
RBA Cash Rate + 5%
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