ASCF High Yield Fund


Manager Summary

Established in 2016, Australian Secure Capital Fund Ltd (ASCF) is a Brisbane based fund manager operating three pooled mortgage investment funds: ASCF Premium Capital Fund, ASCF Select Income Fund and ASCF High Yield Fund.

Unlike peer to peer lending, where investors will invest directly in a single loan, all investments in ASCF funds are spread across the entire pool of loans. This helps to minimise the impact of any losses incurred by a Fund.

Strategy Summary

ASCF High Yield Fund provides short term 1st and/or 2nd mortgage loans to a maximum Loan to Valuation Ratio (LVR) of 80% for a maximum term of 12 months on residential and commercial property. It does not require full valuations on loans <65% LVR. Borrowing rates are from 12% per annum on 1st mortgage loans and 16% per annum on 2nd mortgage/caveat loans. It pays investors between 6.50% - 7.75% per annum depending on their investment term.

Key Terms

Status: Open Inception Date: Mar 2017
Strategy: Private Debt/Mortgage Style: N/A
Geography: Australia Domicile: Australia
Investors: Retail Min. Investment: AU$ 5,000
Distributions: Monthly Applications: Daily
Fund Size: AU$ 139.903m Management Fee: N/A
Manager FUM: AU$ 208.89m Performance Fee: N/A

Key Statistics

Fund Index* Fund Index*
Mar 2024: 0.62% 1.12% Sharpe1: 10.67 0.05
1 Year: 7.21% 1.47% Sortino1: N/A 0.04
3 Years1,2: 6.97% -1.29% Best Month1: 1.02% 3.36%
5 Years1,2: 7.64% 0.17% Worst Month1: 0.35% -3.75%
Inception1,2: 8.17% 1.63% Volatility1,2: 0.40% 4.84%
Up-Capture1: 62% N/A Down-Capture1: -72% N/A
*Bloomberg AusBond Composite 0+ Yr Index,   1Since Mar 2017,   2Annualised

General Notes

Performance shown is the aggregate return for all investors across all investment terms (3, 6, 12 and 24 months). Redemption notice is 1-3 months depending on investment term.

Cumulative Returns
Fund Index

ASCF High Yield Fund - Cumulative Performance vs Bloomberg AusBond Composite 0+ Yr Index


Fund Index


Fund Index

Quintile Ranking vs. Fixed Income - Debt Peer Group (48 funds) as at March 2024

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ASCF High Yield Fund
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