Laureola Australia Feeder Fund

Manager Summary

Laureola Advisors is specialist investment management firm offering conservative risk mitigated exposure to life settlements. The Laureola Advisors team has transacted over USD 1 billion in face value of life insurance policies.

Laureola Advisors was founded in 2012 by Tony Bremness to take advantage of the opportunities in the Life Settlements asset class. The Principals have invested their own capital in the fund.

Strategy Summary

The Laureola Investment Fund's strategy is to provide investors with exposure to the returns of life settlements in a risk mitigated manner.

Life Settlements are resold life insurance policies and can be thought of as a form of finance extended to an individual backed by the person's life insurance policy. This financing is repaid upon maturity by collecting the death benefit from the insurance company.

Key Terms

Status: Open Inception Date: May 2013
Strategy: Life Settlements Style: N/A
Geography: USA Domicile: Australia
Investors: Wholesale Min. Investment: AU$ 100,000
Distributions: Liquidity: Monthly
Fund Size: US$ 57m Management Fee: 2.00%
Manager FUM: US$ 70m Performance Fee: 20.00%

Key Statistics

Fund Index* Fund Index*
May 2022: -0.35% -0.89% Sharpe1: 2.25 0.35
1 Year: 2.74% -8.54% Sortino1: 6.44 0.43
3 Years2: 6.52% -1.76% Best Month: 7.30% 2.33%
5 Years2: 7.50% 0.99% Worst Month: -4.90% -3.75%
Inception2: 14.15% 2.58% Volatility1,2: 5.44% 3.61%
Up-Capture1: 160% N/A Down-Capture1: -189% N/A
*Bloomberg AusBond Composite 0+ Yr Index,   1Since May 2013,   2Annualised

General Notes

The Laureola Australia Feeder Fund is the localised feeder fund to the Laureola Investment Master Fund and is the AUD hedged class.

Returns shown above are for the Master fund. For the AUD hedged feeder fund's returns, please refer to the latest report

Cumulative Returns
Fund Index

Laureola Australia Feeder Fund - Cumulative Performance vs Bloomberg AusBond Composite 0+ Yr Index


Fund Index


Fund Index

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Laureola Australia Feeder Fund
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