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9 Nov 2022 - 4D inflation podcast (part 1): Paul Volcker, central banks, and the UK

By: 4D Infrastructure

4D inflation podcast (part 1): Paul Volcker, central banks, and the UK

4D Infrastructure

October 2022

In part 1, Greg Goodsell (4D's Global Equity Strategist) speaks with Dave Whitby (Bennelong Account Director) about how most developed economies are dealing with inflation - and how the UK differs.

  • 0:53 - How recent history helps explains current events
  • 2:56 - The establishment and role of central banks, and how they're managing inflation now
  • 5:29 - Why recent events in the UK have raised eyebrows
  • 7:27 - Where to from here, both in the UK and the rest of the developed world

Speakers: Greg Goodsell, 4D's Global Equity Strategist and Dave Whitby, Bennelong Account Director

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