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05 Nov 2021 - Hedge Clippings | 05 November 2021

By: Australian Fund Monitors


Hedge Clippings | Friday, 05 November 2021

There was so much happening this week that Hedge Clippings hardly knows which way to look: Maybe Tuesday's Cup Day (or celebrations thereof) didn't help, and the RBA obviously didn't want to spoil their day either, leaving rates on hold, but with a not so subtle hint, both here and from the US Fed, that this might not last forever.

On the political front, Scomo's tiff with an indignant French President took over the headlines. It seems both are probably playing politics, but not to be outdone Malcolm (dead cat) Turnbull and Kevin Rudd both joined the fray, and had we actually been at war with France, rather than in a commercial negotiation, both would probably be worthy of a court martial for treason.

Phillip Coorey probably summed up both their involvements best in today's AFR:

"Turnbull and Rudd could co-author a book: If Being Prime Minister is So Easy, Why Were We So Bad At It?"

Enough of politics!

We were excited to announce a new website for earlier this week. Along with a new logo, including for Hedge Clippings, the entire site has received a makeover, including a new home page which includes a Peer Group Comparison and an updated News section on the home page.

We have also introduced three new fund "views" or narrative reports to add to each fund's existing Fund Profile,


  1. A one page FACT Sheet, with key information, and cumulative performance and drawdown charts designed to allow every registered user access to key information on every fund on a "Forever Free" basis;
  2. Performance Summary, including a "Quintile" ranking showing each fund's relative performance vs. its peer group across 6 KPI's, and over various time frames;
  3. A full Performance Analysis report that includes data, charts, and narrative against both the fund's underlying index and the average of its Peer Group.

Each of these reports will be updated monthly, including the performance narrative.

We're always keen to get feedback from our clients and users - in fact many of the new initiatives we have introduced came from their suggestions or requests. For instance, the new Narrative Reports resulted from users' feedback that a whole page of numbers and statistics could be overwhelming. The result? New reports with a combination of data and charts, and a narrative description of the fund's key performance indicators.

Please check out and let us know what you think.

Many users of the website are investors seeking information to help them compare, research, and invest in managed funds. However, many users also require the site's tools, such as Watch ListsPortfolios, and Custom Statistics. To accommodate users' different requirements, we have added a range of subscriber levels, including "Forever Free" which provides access to the home page, news, videos, and a FACT Sheet for every fund.

We look forward to announcing further new initiatives we have in the pipeline. Meanwhile, if you have any questions about any of the above, please let me know.

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