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20 Oct 2021 - Performance Report: NWQ Fiduciary Fund

By: Australian Fund Monitors

Report Date20 October 2021
ManagerNWQ Capital Management Pty Ltd
Fund NameNWQ Fiduciary Fund
StrategyMulti Strategy
Latest Return DateSeptember 2021
Latest Return-0.71%
Latest 6 Months9.31%
Latest 12 Months9.45%
Latest 24 Months (pa)9.11%
Annualised Since Inception6.36%
Inception Date01 May 2013
FUM (millions)AU$67
Fund OverviewThe NWQ Fiduciary Fund (Fund), managed by NWQ Capital Management, is a diversified multi-manager portfolio, modelled on NWQ's Fiduciary Model Portfolio. The principal investment objective of the Fund is to produce attractive positive returns irrespective of market direction. This is achieved through active allocations to selective fund managers that employ a variety of traditional and absolute return strategies. The Fund places emphasis on managers who demonstrate a rigorous and repeatable investment process that has delivered a strong track record.

The Fund aims to produce returns after management fees and expenses of RBA Cash Rate + 4.0-5.0% p.a. over rolling five-year periods. Furthermore, the Fund aims to achieve these returns with volatility that is a fraction of the Australian equity market, in order to smooth returns for investors.
Manager CommentsThe NWQ Fiduciary Fund returned -0.71% in September, an outperformance of +1.14% compared with the ASX 200 Total Return Index which fell by -1.85%. Since inception in May 2013, the fund has returned +6.36% per annum with an annualised volatility of 5.74%. By contrast, the index has returned +8.64% p.a. with an annualised volatility of 13.51% over the same period.

Since inception in May 2013 in the months where the market was negative, the fund has provided positive returns 51% of the time, contributing to a down-capture ratio for returns since inception of 14.09%. Over all other periods, the fund's down-capture ratio has ranged from a high of 38.31% over the most recent 12 months to a low of 21.72% over the latest 60 months. A down-capture ratio less than 100% indicates that, on average, the fund has outperformed in the market's negative months over the specified period.

The fund's Sortino ratio (which excludes volatility in positive months) has ranged from a high of 4.94 for performance over the most recent 12 months to a low of 0.94 over the latest 36 months, and is 1.31 for performance since inception. By contrast, the ASX 200 Total Return Index's Sortino for performance since May 2013 is 0.69.
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