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16 Aug 2021 - Managers Insights | Collins St Asset Management
By: Australian Fund Monitors

Chris Gosselin, CEO of Australian Fund Monitors, speaks with Vasilios Piperoglou, Co-Founder & Head Analyst at Collins St Asset Management.

The Collins Street Value Fund  has been operating since February 2016 and has delivered an annualised return since then of 19% vs the ASX200 Total Return Index's annualised return over the same period of 11.67%. Over the past 12 months, the Fund has risen +60.6%, outperforming the Index by +32%. The Fund's capacity to outperform in falling and volatile markets is highlighted by its Sortino ratio (since inception) of 1.41 vs the Index's 0.96 and down-capture ratio of 38.3%.

Funds operated by this manager:

Collins Street Value Fund

Collins St Asset Management just opened Collins St Special Situation Fund No. 1 applications. Offer to invest in a basket of global listed securities in the oil services industry. The fund is only available to new investors with a minimum investment amount of $250,000. Applications will close at midnight of 31 August, 2021.

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